THE ROMAN & THE SLAVEThe story of The Roman will be told for all of  time, The Son of Raw’s original and historically accurate accounts of  one lonely Roman general who questions morality and tries comes to terms with rapidly progressive time & inner isolation, while appeasing the selfish traits of man.

The year is 400 AD in what is known now as Western Europe . After an unprovoked battle with local Germainian Barbarians The Roman is wounded and seeks refuge in a vast forest to regain his strength and tend to his mortal wounds. It is in this forest of refuge  Where he is granted another day to live by the Gods, and will cross paths with an escaped  Egyptian slave who has abandoned his own camp.

The two men will be challenged and tested by each other,  mother nature & the inner most conflicting primordial affiliations with man’s body and mind.

With Death close to The Roman, hovering over him like his shadow…….what will this journey hold for both men.  Discover everything your heart & mind desires in this openly suggestive feature about the human connection.